Covid-19 Information

Covid-19 Information & Commitment to Safety


Updated:  October 8th 2020

On behalf of CornStalker’s Trail of Terror, we want to first say that this has obviously been an unprecedented year with the pandemic affecting everyone in many ways.  Please know that the safety of our staff and our customers will always be our #1 priority.  We want to share a few things with everyone that we will be implementing with the upcoming Halloween season ahead.   Below are some specific Q & A, as it relates to Covid-19 with the opening of our 5th season of CornStalker’s Trail of Terror.  Updates will be made to this list as we get closer to the fall season.  As always, we are open to any suggestions or ideas for providing a safer & fun experience for everyone.  Stay safe and happy haunting!  Visit us online at or for more information.

How safe will it be in terms of sanitation to ensure my safety while attending the haunt attraction?

There are many things being implemented for the safety of both our staff & guests.  To cover a few, any and all high traffic area with any items that could possibly be touched will be cleaned throughout the night while open and after/before each night we’re open.  While open each night, this mainly pertains to the restroom areas, doors, hand railing of any kind, counters etc.  Before and after each night open, we have a more detailed sanitation protocol in place for deep cleaning of all staff and guests’ areas.  We will have hand sanitation stations and staff throughout the attraction, especially at the gates (check-in) area and after each attraction area for guests to again use hand sanitizer as desired. 

Protective Face Mask Safety:
Mandatory protective face mask wearing that cover your nose and mouth at all times while on the property by our haunt staff and all visitor’s, along with the social distancing of 6ft between groups will be strictly enforced.  Face masks will be available for purchase at the gate if needed and only as available.  Please remember that any mask of any kind that covers the eyes or obstructs your vision in any way is not permitted as it is a safety concern for you and others while going thru the attractions.  Specific location and markings will keep groups safety apart once inside the gate area, when it is time for your group(s) to come inside for there specific time slot entry.  Entry into the front gates of the attraction is not permitted until within (10) minutes of the ticketed time slot time, for safety.  Remember to always keep 6ft distance between groups. 

Temperature Checks:
Mandatory checking of temperatures with our staff each night before entering the property will also be conducted along with other wellness check protocols.  Guests will also be screened before entering the stadium gates with (touch less) temperature checks at the gate and asked if they have recently been sick with a fever and/or other symptoms as it pertains with Covid-19. 
How will you be handing ticket sales this season?

In recent months, we have attended a number of virtual seminars in reference to the best practices for the safety of everyone this coming fall season.  One thing that was decided upon early on was the offering of “Online Timed Ticketing” for this year.  This ensures the control of how many guests are in the attraction area(s) at any given time.  Purchases will be available for groups of (2) people, (3) people, (4) people, (5) people and (6) people only.  We will offer the limited number of ticket (groups) sales online in “30 minute” windows.  For example, guests will select any opening time slot that is available between 7:30pm – 8:00pm, or 8:00pm – 8:30pm and so on until the end time of the attraction each night. Please note, if you are late for your scheduled time window, you will be added on the next time slot as available.  We are allowing any open group slots for walk-up sales in person however this is very limited and online reservations are highly suggested as most slots are not available for walk-ups.  
How will the cue lines work (People waiting in line to go thru attractions) this season to keep distance between people/groups? 

We will only be allowing groups with purchased tickets inside no earlier than (10) minutes of their scheduled timed ticketing slot.  If they are earlier, they will be asked to return at there allotted time slot. 
While waiting outside the stadium gates, inside the stadium gates or anytime in a line of any kind, guests and staff must maintain at least 6ft distance at all times from other groups/people, while also wearing a face mask. 
Once inside the main gates, tickets will be scanned/redeemed from each guests/group and the specific color-coded wrist band will be issued.  Guests will then proceed to the designed stand-by area where they will continue social distancing between groups while waiting for their turn to enter the attraction. 


A few general safety reminders

–  If you are sick or have any symptoms of concern, please do not visit CornStalker’s Trail of Terror, until you have been cleared from such sickness for at least 72 hours or as instructed by a doctor.

– Please note that all guests must have their own phones or devices to check-in virtually online when arriving at the stadium and to purchase tickets online if needed, as there won’t be any publicly available devices for use to do so.

–  Photobooth Pictures are free via Digital prints emailed and available for purchase by cash only
 – No food or drink sales are permitted on site.  Feel free to bring any non-alcoholic beverage with you while inside the attraction. 

–  Facemasks are required (must not cover your eyes or obstruct vision) and available for purchase if needed at the gates via credit card prior to entering the stadium grounds. 
NOTE:  Only (1) warning will be given to any group/person on having there protective face mask off or not wearing it while on the property.  After that, anyone seen in the group not wearing one again will be escorted off the property, along with there entire group with no refunds.
Social Distancing of at least (6) ft must be maintained at all times while outside of the stadium gates, inside the stadium gates, on the property of the stadium itself.  Only (1) warning will be given to any group/person on keeping 6ft distancing from other groups.  If asked again, group will be escorted off the property, along with there entire group with no refunds. 

–  For any questions regarding any ticket refunds/rescheduling or cancellation polices for the 2020 season, please click on the “Schedule & Admission Info” page on our website. Or contact or 877-339-3327 ext 1.  You can also email for any rescheduling requests or questions. 


Thank you again for your support as we look forward to doing our best at making a memorable and safe experience for everyone!



 CornStalker’s Trail of Terror Team

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